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I bet you look good on the dancefloor: VersaTiLE’s first UK club installation

The dancefloor now features three sections of Versa TILES- a 6 x 1 metre strip of VersaTILES along the end wall of the dancefloor, flanked by two 2 x half-metre strips on the side walls. Ussher specified, designed and installed this new scheme, which saw the removal of most of the waggling disco lights and effects and the emergence of a more modern appearance.

The low heat emissions of the TILES are also highly practical at The Bridge, which has a relatively intimate dancefloor – which now never gets uncomfortably hot, even in the summer.

The TILES are programmed with a series of eye-catching effects, and run off just eight amps of power, offering substantial economical advantages. There’s not much headroom on the dancefloor, but most of the previous effects and lighting were removed, making everything a lot cleaner and tidier. They ceiling has been painted in high gloss to maximise the TILE effects which are beamed up into the ceiling and bounced back onto the dancefloor.

There are also plans to install additional glass surfaces around the room for enhanced ‘bounce’ of the TILE reflections around the room.

PID supplied an Element Labs C1 controller run the installation. All the content has been custom created by Ussher using a combination of his own Apple Motion files and those supplied by a contracted programmer

The new system gives the club the flexibility to work visual theming into some of the music programming – like 80s style big arcade sequences – for the 80s nights, and these have been a big hit with the crowds.