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Hotel Kosta Boda, Småland

It’s crystal clear. All glass-hotel opts for Soundweb London audio system.

The Kosta Boda Hotel, which opened in June 2009, is the first to be constructed entirely of glass.

Located in Småland, southern Sweden, it contains a spa, restaurants, a glass bar and a conference centre.

A Soundweb London system was installed to distribute four sources of background music or sound effects into 21 zones, cater for 10 conference rooms with local audio inputs and microphones, and mute everything on command from a fire/evacuation system. The system was designed by Swedish Harman distributor Septon Electronics.

The signal distribution hub has been constructed around three technical rooms. A Soundweb London BLU-160 and multiple BLU-120 devices, with configurable I/O, are set in the main room, with a single BLU-120 device plus BLU-BOB in each of the other two.

On the ground floor, the Soundweb architecture has been programmed with a separate gain structure for when the Glass Bar is used as an overspill area for the adjacent conference room.

This is controlled from the local BLU-10 programmable touchscreen remote — while the remaining two BLU-10 controllers reside at the dedicated ground floor and first floor reception desks, and offer central control.

The system feeds out to JBL Control Contractor loudspeakers – Control 29 loudspeakers in the Conference Room and the Glass Bar annex, Control 26CT loudspeakers in the pool and bar areas and Control 24CT Micros in the corridors and peripheral areas.

Jan Hedlund, manager at Septon Electronics, said he was delighted that they had been able to notch up the spec. “Originally the hotel didn’t have a lot of idea about sourcing products – a hi-fi solution really wouldn’t have worked with an installation of this complexity,” stated Hedlund. A year ago he visited the site and sold the concept of Soundweb to the owners.