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Holovis designs 4D ride theatre for Hyundai showroom

Hyundai Motors flagship brand showroom has recently opened in Goyang, South Korea and includes an immersive 4D ride theatre, designed and installed by Holovis.

The rise theatre takes people on a thrilling journey from experiencing the rush of being a rally driver to learning about vehicle manufacturing.

The Hyundai Motorstudio Goyang offers unique insights into the world of Hyundai with an extensive range of automotive brand experiences.

This new multisensory simulator by Holovis holds up to 30 guests at a time and wraps people into the story of how a Hyundai vehicle transforms from raw steels to a winning rally car through a four-minute 3D movie with special effects.

The high-end visual system uses two Barco 4K Galaxy projectors to create the imagery, mapped on to the surface of a 12m wide by 4m tall double-curved Astro-Tec perforated aluminium screen, using Holovis’s proprietary Pix-control solution. Engaging motion is delivered via CJ 4DPLEX’s 6 D.O.F motion base system, known as 4DX, in perfect sync with the media and let’s guests board one of three 10-seater, rally themed carriages. An 11.2 JBL surround sound solution and SFX including wind, strobes, water shoots and fog complete the sensory immersion.

Luan Le Ngoc, technical consultant at Holovis said: “This level of immersion, which includes visuals that surround the peripheral vision, makes people really believe they are on this exciting journey, putting them right at the heart of every element. It also maintains the group engagement allowing it to be shared with family and friends. It’s a very different and incredibly effective way of combining premium brand messaging with entertainment.”

Yeon Hee Lee, space innovation team at Hyundai Motor Company explained: “Hyundai Motor Company opened the largest flagship Motorstudio in Goyang, South Korea in early April. It is part-museum, part-showroom but mostly car theme park. Especially, the 4D Ride experience brings to life car culture and Hyundai’s vision and creative ethos.”