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HK complex fitted with Symetrix DSP

The newest product to join the Symetrix Integrator Series, Automix Matrix 780 is a single-rack space unit that includes an extensive suite of DSP tools and is said to work seamlessly with the Symetrix ARC-series of wall-mounted interface panels.

The system specified for Times Square Hong Kong relies on the Automix Matrix 780 to handle automatic gain control, equalisation and signal routing. Source material and volume are controlled from a Symetrix ARC-2 wall-mounted panel.

Chan Wei Him, systems integrator for Sound Classy, commented: “The Symetrix Automix Matrix 780 packs a lot of processing power into a single-rack space. With 12 inputs and eight outputs, each with the capacity for unique processing and routing, we were able to address the individual characteristics of each source and apply customised levels, EQ and delay to each output zone in the Times Square system. User control is very easy with the Symetrix series of ARC wall-mounted panels.”