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Historic DLP milestone for Texas Instruments

A wealth of 3D movies this summer has helped to further foster the demand for suitably equipped cinemas, while James Cameron’s forthcoming Avatar is set to further strengthen the 3D trend. DLP projectors were used for real-time viewing of footage during shooting of Cameron’s movie; subsequently, the director and his production company, Lightstorm Entertainment, employed DLP Cinema projectors during post work to provide superior contrast ratios, colour calibration and sharp 3D imagery. Set for release in December, Avatar will be shown on DLP Cinema projectors in movie theatres worldwide.

Nancy Fares, business manager for DLP Cinema, Texas Instruments, told II: “In 2009 we’ve seen unprecedented demand across Europe for the latest 3D films. We believe that this trend can only continue into 2010, fuelled by groundbreaking films such as the eagerly awaited Avatar. Through our partners Barco, Christie Digital and NEC we will continue to bring a full range of DLP Cinema 2K and 4K offerings to the European market in 2010, giving movie theatres the widest possible choice.”