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HD matrix switcher from Intelix

The DIGI-HD-4X4 matrix switcher is designed for high-definition AV distribution applications.

Used in conjunction with a compatible Intelix receiver, the DIGI-HD-4X4 matrix extends output signal range up to 300ft over a single twisted-pair cable. A true matrix switcher, the DIGI-HD-4X4 features four HDMI inputs, four HDMI outputs and four twisted-pair extender outputs.

The matrix supports 1080i and 1080p high-definition video and is HDMI 1.3b compliant. Switching is controlled via a ‘diagnostic’ front-panel interface or remotely via RS-232, IR or Ethernet. The DIGI-HD-4X4 features an HDMI 1.3b chipset, said to offer the most stable and uniform platform for HDMI sources and destinations. It also supports Deep Color and Lossless Digital Audio and, through its on-board CPU, automatically negotiates outputs with various resolutions. This allows multiple sized monitors from different manufacturers to be used simultaneously.

The DIGI-HD-4X4 also features four pass-through IR channels which distribute remote IR commands from in-room controllers over the twisted-pair cable and out of the matrix, allowing full control of remote sources from the destination.