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Harrogate Home Cinema installs eight-seater home cinema

Harrogate Home Cinema recently transformed a playroom into a fully optimised eight-seat home cinema, complete with Monitor Audio CT-380FX Ceiling speakers and Rako digital dimmers.

North Yorkshire’s Harrogate Home Cinema recently transformed a residential playroom into a fully kitted out eight-seat home cinema, christening the new space ‘Modeon’.

Harrogate Home Cinema’s Andy Wyatt and Peter Hudspeth headed up the project. After the playroom’s boiler was moved to an outhouse to create the necessary space, the team began the project by installing six new lighting circuits (to be Rako controlled), wall panel feeds, Cat6, HDMI and other infrastructural components.

The team opted to deploy a JVC JVC X7 projector for visual performance. This projects a 3m wide image onto a Draper Onyx acoustically transparent screen.

Sound reproduction is handled by a combination of Monitor Audio CT-380FX Ceiling speakers complemented by Matching Monitor Audio in-wall front array. A Sunfire HRS-10 subwoofer powers the low end, while an Onkyo NR717 AV Receiver drives the entire system.

An iPad interface gives users full control over watching movies, TV, playing games or listening to music. Content, meanwhile, is delivered by a Sony 790 Blu Ray deck, one of two Sky HD boxes or an Apple TV streaming the clients extensive media library.

Hardware and lighting came in the form of two custom-made Echofon star ceilings independently colour-changing ceiling panelsfrom These are further enhanced by the additional Rako controlled ceiling circuits.

Housed in a custom-built cabinet and supported by a 33U AV rollarack, everything is hidden away so there are no distractions during movie time.

Harrogate Home Cinema co-director Peter Hudspeth said: “We have called this installation the ‘Modeon’ because the client’s surname begins with ‘M’. The ‘Modeon’ is certainly ranks as one of our finest projects.”