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Harrods Rocks: digital signage comes to London’s premier retail address

“Harrods Rocks is all about the inspirational power of rock in fashion and culture,” says Sarah Southgate of Harrods. “For February, we are a festival venue, with live bands, presentations and music master classes, as well as displays of famous guitars and rock-based presentations by our partner brands. We needed a really stunning visual introduction to this promotion, and I am delighted by the truly amazing effects achieved using Vikuiti Rear Projection film and 3M Digital Signage software.”

In the Harrods Rocks display, the Vikuiti Rear Projection film is applied directly on to the public-facing window. With no need for a bulky support or mounting structure, as would be required by LCD or plasma screens, the film allows designers to unleash the full power of the creative concept. Sarah Southgate is an experienced designer, having used cutting-edge visual technologies in art and movie promotions in the past. When introduced to 3M Digital Signage and Vikuiti Rear Projection technology in the months prior to the Harrods Rocks project, she immediately saw its potential. “Vikuiti films represent a significant step forward in display performance. The brightness and colour rendition, combined with wide viewing angles, are outstanding, and this allowed us to be really bold when planning the visual promotion for Harrods Rocks,” she adds.

The Harrods Rocks guitar is 70 inches in size, and is the most detailed and delicate Vikuiti Rear Projection film implementation that SSDM has so far undertaken. In addition to cutting the film into the guitar shape, the team at SSDM has customised the content to match the shape of the screen exactly, to achieve the best possible visual effect. The 3M Digital Signage software controls the projector mounted in the ceiling of Harrods storefront, automatically switching it off at night and co-ordinating the playback and timing of the content.

Phil Brophy, New Business Development Manager at SSDM, says: “The Vikuiti Rear Projection film gives tremendous creative freedom. It can be cut to any shape or size to display any combination of video, graphics or text. The effect of the rock guitar in Harrods’ window is stunning.”

Simon Birkenhead, Sales & Marketing Manager, 3M Digital Signage and Optical Systems Division, adds: “Vikuiti Rear Projection films are the ideal medium for in-window retail promotions and branding, with their ability to present compelling information in striking formats. I am very pleased that SSDM has won this important installation through diligent sales work and inspired creative thought. With a customer base comprising dynamic and prestige brands, SSDM has proved its credentials to promote Vikuiti Rear Projection into the retail promotion space.”