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HARMAN Professional Solutions audio boosts Stages Hotel Prague

Nowatron Elektronik and AudioMaster CZ install JBL Professional and Crown solutions to connect the hotel to the O2 Arena and Universum via a networked AV system

To provide the state-of-the-art Stages Hotel Prague with a comprehensive and versatile networked audio system, AV integrators Nowatron Elektronik and AudioMaster CZ installed a wide range of dynamic and powerful HARMAN Professional audio solutions. 

Situated near both the O2 Arena and O2 Universum, the Stages offers visitors to Prague an unforgettable luxury experience showcasing the city’s eclectic music and arts scene. Along with its modern rooms, restaurants and meeting spaces, the Stages also features a fully linked audio-visual network between the hotel, the O2 Arena and O2 Universum. This ambitious system allows for independent or shared media broadcasting and streaming between the three venues in real time with minimal latency. 

Given that this system is the first of its kind in the Czech Republic hospitality industry, the Stages required a modern AV solution that balanced advanced features and bandwidth with ease-of-use and accessibility. To meet these requirements for the hotel’s audio component, Nowatron Elektronik and AudioMaster CZ designed a versatile and future-proofed system using JBL Professional, Crown and BSS solutions. 

“We were contacted to help with the installation because the hotel wanted to make something special—a hotel not only for regular guests, but also for all guests to the O2 Arena or Universum,” said Matěj Sborový, project manager, AudioMaster CZ. “All three buildings are interfaced via optical connection and they can transfer all audio and video signals from one building to another. All of the system functions had to be done very easily and without any complications for the user, so we had to implement the simplest user interface possible.”

The Stages Hotel’s audio system is divided into 13 zones, each capable of independent AV output. Some zones also include sub-areas such as conference rooms, which in turn have their own output. Such an intricate system was only possible thanks to the BSS BLU806DA digital signal processor with BLU link and Dante. Featuring configurable I/O and signal processing with “drag-and-drop” controls and a low-latency 256-channel audio bus, the BLU806DA combines high bandwidth and power with ease-of-use for instant and reliable audio distribution throughout the hotel. Additionally, the system’s Dante-based protocol allows for easy reconfiguring or expansion in the future, should the hotel need to do so in order to accommodate either of the O2 venues. 

Along with the BLU806DA, the system backend also utilises BSS BLU BIB input expanders and BLU BOB1 output expanders to maximise the network’s reach within the hotel and seamlessly connect with the O2 Arena and Universum’s respective systems. Finally, BSS EC-4BV ethernet controllers allow hotel staff and guests to quickly and easily control the audio signal for each zone and subzone. Hotel staff can also control each zone wirelessly from a smart tablet.

“The main core of the audio is the BSS BLU806 processor because of its high processing power and Dante connectivity,” said Sborový. “All of the audio signals are distributed through the hotel via the Dante network, so hotel staff can easily connect with some converter in any internet socket and to pass audio to the processing or DSP processor. For example, the hotel hosts a Master Chef-type show in the restaurant, and they need to use wireless microphones since there aren’t any analog inputs nearby. So instead, they can use an internet connection and wireless system with Dante output and broadcast the audio in the area without any problem.”

The installation team installed over 200 JBL ceiling, pendant, wall-mounted and outdoor speakers throughout the hotel to best accommodate each area’s specific requirements. JBL Control Series speakers accounted for the majority of the system thanks to their high output, reliable coverage and discreet design. The Control 12C/T and 14C/T ceiling speakers, for instance, are both equipped with compact full-range drivers for distortion-free audio at any output, as well as sleek designs that blend seamlessly with their surroundings. 

Meanwhile, speakers such as the JBL Control 67HC/T and 64P/T pendant speakers respectively offer narrow and full range coverage with minimal echo for areas with high ceilings, while the Control CRV architectural speaker allows for discreet audio sources in curved areas. Finally, the weather-resistant JBL Control 25-1 speaker provides detailed sound for the outdoor spaces, and the JBL SoundBar 1 reinforces sound for TV monitors in the private conference spaces. 

Finally, the installation team powered the system with both JBL CSA and Crown CDi Series amplifiers. All four amp models used – the JBL CSA18OZ, JBL CSA24OZ, Crown CDi4/300BL and Crown CDi4/600BL – are equipped with Crown DriveCore technology for reliable power output, ample input options and versatile operation. Additionally, the CDi4/300BL and CDi4/600BL also come with BLU link for effortless connection to BSS networks. 

“The hotel management is happy that they have everything under control,” added Sborový. “They also appreciate that it’s quite easy for them to make any changes now as well as in the future because they will probably in a few years want to do some small changes or something else entirely. With this system, it’s very easy to implement whatever they want.”