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Handy AV realises ‘groundbreaking’ video install for Christian Dior

Enlisted by retail architects Blyth Wyatt Budd to create a high-impact entry point for Dior’s in-store boutique on the International Fashion Floor, Handy AV’s managing director, Aubrey Wright, developed a solution that also involved a professional series Denon DVD player (to provide content) and a Kramer 4-way HDMI distribution amplifier to link to each screen. The screen’s in-built video scaler is configured using bespoke software to control the screens and produce a high-resolution image. The software also acts as a scheduler, powering up and switching off the screen at the end of trading hours.

“The design company brought us in because they wanted to create a wow factor after seeing what other fashion brands were doing in-store,” said Wright. “We have certainly achieved that using this exciting technology.”

“Dior is extremely pleased with the impact that the seamless plasma system has had in the ready-to-wear boutique in Harrods,” added Victoria Bolton, facilities manager for Dior. “It adds another dimension to our space and is a successful part of the unique concept of Dior’s boutiques.”