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Gunther Hecker provides fantastic lighting

German hip-hop band Die Fantastischen Vier have just concluded a major tour using a completely new set and lighting design provided by Gunther Hecker.

Germany’s biggest and best known hip-hop band – Die Fantastischen Vier (aka Fanta 4) have just concluded their latest sold-out arena tour supported by a set, lighting and visual design by Gunther Hecker.

The 14 metre wide circular stage was built with a combination of Lite Structures’ standard and custom products. It featured four five metre thrusts, each at 90 degree intervals around the stage. Above, it was crowned by four circular trusses at 8, 10, 12 and 14 metre diameters, with the three smaller ones all on a 18 axis Cyberhoist system, allowing them to move into a dynamic section of different positions.

Below the Macrolon topped stage was 100 square metres of Martin Professional LC LED screen, which provided another trajectory of lighting and for those sitting higher up in the bleacher seating, an additional visual dimension.

The perimeters of all the above-stage trusses were clad with 1 metre high Pixled F-15 LED tiles – in total amounting to 140 square metres.

The smallest – 8 metre – circle was also rigged with 16 Robe ColorSpot 2500E AT moving lights, 8 Martin Atomic strobes and 12 ETC PARs; these were the only lights directly above the stage.

Four spine/finger trusses stretched out above the thrusts, each rigged with seven Robe ColorSpot 2500E ATs and seven ColorWash 2500E AT moving lights plus two Atomics and nine square 4-lite Moles.

Circling the stage on the floor were 30 JB Lighting A7 LED wash lights and four smoke machines were also on the floor.

Hecker operated the lighting using a Road Hog Full Boar console with a wing, complete with hot backup.

Video also played a major role in the visuals. The video screens were sometimes also used in a lighting role, with all the “regular” lights turned off and just the screens as the light source.

Live-Video/IMAG was used in about 70% of the show and the screens were active throughout. There were seven cameras in total for IMAG, three operated Sony DXC30Ps in the audience and three Panasonic Domecam remotes onstage, plus a Toshiba 1KHRIS full HD camera placed centre-stage, and fitted with a 360 degree lens to produce special effects in two songs.

The tour was production managed by Christof Matthiesen. The 11 trucks of equipment was supplied by Satis & Fy AG, Werne – all video, sound and lighting kit apart from the LED panels; XL Video Germany, Munich – Pixled LED screen; PRG Germany from Hamburg – Martin LC LED frames; and Gunther Hecker GmbH Heidelberg – stage set and hydraulics.

Photo copyright Ralph Larmann