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Grozny theatre returns with ETC lighting system

In total, Sistema installed 560 conventional luminaires – including dozens of ETC Source Four PARs – and 808 intelligent fixtures, as well as smoke, fog, snow and confetti machines. Control is provided by an ETC Congo lighting control system, while an ETC Sensor dimming system is also in use.

Having been severely damaged during the Chechen conflict, the refurbished venue arguably symbolises the resurgence of the country’s artistic scene. As Sistema’s Marina Druzhinina noted: “Not every capital city can brag about the lighting system in its cultural centre like the one here.”

Focusing on the contribution of the Congo desk to the resurgent State Theatre and Concert Hall, ETC controls product manager Sarah Clausen told II: “Congo was the perfect choice for the theatre in Grozny. The console can seamlessly control the hall’s large, mixed-media rig and lets lighting designers keep up with their busy schedule of performances. And Congo’s intuitive user interface makes it a breeze for guest designers to run their shows.”