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Gravity Media captures the Vans Pipe Masters surfing event

Flypack A captured all the action from the beach and the sea with Gravity Media’s jet ski system

Gravity Media took to the waves late last year on Oahu’s North Shore to capture the world-renowned Vans Pipe Masters surfing event. Featuring the world’s best male and female riders from across the globe, the annual event took place from Thursday 8 to Tuesday 20 December 2022 where surfing fans enjoyed iconic performances.

The Gravity Media team deployed Flypack A, capturing all the action from the beach and the sea with Gravity Media’s jet ski system. In addition, a waterproof microphone and camera were placed on a wave runner, delivering the all-important point-of-view shots, ensuring not a moment went amiss.

From studio productions to remote outside broadcasts, Gravity Media’s compact flypacks are designed to be taken to any location in the world, containing everything a broadcast project needs to deliver complex high-definition, multi-format broadcasts. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, they are UHD, 4K and IP-ready; Gravity Media’s Flypack Solutions feature a full range of temporary cable solutions, the latest SMPTE, TAC and Triax fibre technologies; and a Grass Valley/CISCO core.

“We are thrilled to have returned to the Vans Pipe Masters for another year,” said Sean Seamer, Gravity Media’s USA president. “We offer pre-built flypack options from our worldwide Gravity Media production facilities, or we can design and build bespoke packages on request. Our specialist personnel are available to advise on the best use of technology to meet your objectives and support your entire project.”

Held annually in Hawaii, the event saw thousands of people head to the waves to catch a glimpse of the ambitious surfers in action with Molly Picklum, who won the women’s division finals and men’s division winner, Balaram Stack moves going down in history.