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Gold Dust Club, Vantaa/Tampere

Striking gold in Finland. A casino is using Medialon show and media control to set the atmosphere throughout its two sites.

If you’re in Finland looking for a modern gaming experience, you might well visit The Gold Dust casino, which has sites in Vantaa and Tampere. The club promises its visitors an exciting atmosphere, unique games and a high level of service.

Finnish AV automation company Lumia selected and programmed Medialon show and media control software to be the main controller for music, audio and lighting throughout the entire club in both locations. The system is used to trigger scheduled changes in atmosphere, as well as launching the different shows played in each of the Gold Dust gaming club rooms.

The hardware installation, which also includes a digital signage system, was undertaken by Timo Eirto, from ZetaDisplay Finland. AV designer was Timo Tuominen from Insinššritoimisto Olof Granlund.

“The Medialon system is the key ingredient. It integrates several different devices into an easy-to-use system whose complicated structure is hidden from users,” says Timo Hiekkanen, operating and sales manager of Lumia.

There is certainly a wide variety of equipment under Medialon control. A single Medialon Manager V5 Lite licence controls, via TCP/IP: a Kramer audio matrix switcher; a Biamp Nexia PM presentation mixer; a digital satellite receiver; a media PC; three Panasonic DW5100E video projectors; six LCD displays; a Moxa Nport 5110 serial device server; an Elka KNX/EIB gateway; and several DMX dimmers.

Lumia used Medialon Manager Panel to design user-friendly touchpanel interfaces to give the staff everything they need to control volume levels, launch shows and so on. “Usability issues were crucial, since the system had to be used by Gold Dust staff, and not by AV professionals,” comments Hiekkanen.

The system is also used each day to start the entire AV system in the club, according to a set timetable. Volume levels increase, and video and audio playlists are modified automatically, as night-time approaches. The timetable can be configured from a graphical user interface, which also provides digital television and video switching controls.

“Medialon Manager was chosen because of its versatility. It doesn’t limit our freedom of choice; it runs smoothly with any hardware and gives us the possibility to choose the best equipment regardless of the manufacturer or connections,” concludes Hiekkanen.