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Going for a spin: Harkness Screens features in UK’s largest holographic projection system

The groundbreaking project at the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent was undertaken on behalf of Toyota GB in collaboration with creative agency Brandwidth Marketing and video production house Square Zero. High Definition digital video projection of the 5m wide x 3m high image is achieved using a single Barco R12+ Performer fitted with a special high brightness short throw lens and an HD digital interface card installed and configured by Barco UK.

The image reflects from a Harkness Screens high contrast grey front projection surface before bouncing through an ‘invisible’ Eyeliner Foil projection screen to complete the magical effect.

Musion Eyeliner is a new and unique high definition video projection system allowing spectacular freeform three-dimensional moving images to appear within a live stage setting. Eyeliner brings dramatic video film effects to the live set mediums of stage, AV – artistic performances, conference or trade show presentations, retail displays and large scale out of home digital signage.

The compelling virtual 3D images are viewed without the need for audiences to wear polarising framed spectacles.