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Going digital down under: dimMA system installed in Queensland’s Performing Arts Centre

The installation consists of seven MA Digital Dimmer Racks, each with 72 circuits, distributed throughout the concert hall. This rack distribution went away from the traditional central dimmer room design. A large saving was made with the cabling infrastructure, as the racks are now closer to the outlets. There are four racks with four Network dimmer Processors (NDP’s) in the ceiling, two behind the side lighting positions each with a back up NDP and one in the basement with a back up NDP. Each rack has a redundant processor capable of controlling 144 dimmer circuits.

QPAC’s manager for lighting, Doug Brimblecombe, praises the support of Show Technology: “The installation, commissioning, testing and training all went smoothly ensuring our first client in 2007 had a seamless show. The in-house team of technicians are very happy with this install which is the backbone of their craft and are looking forward to experimenting with this flexible technology “.

Located in Brisbane, QPAC has four theatres in one complex. The Concert Hall is home to The Queensland Orchestra and hosts a large variety of productions such as acoustic and amplified concerts, comedy, graduations and award presentation events. The MA dimmer installation will make the process of staging all the different genres a simpler and easier process.