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‘Glistening’ Glyndebourne embraces Sennheiser

Enabling hard-of-hearing patrons to get the most out of each performance, the system covers all 1,202 seats and incorporates six SZI 1015 radiators, four RI 150 LL induction loops and 10 HDI 302 headsets. The signal is generated from a Sennheiser SI 1015 modular rack unit, while the induction loops and headsets are powered by an L 151-10 charger.

In addition, an SI 30 test system has been provided to demonstrate the system to users before they take headsets and induction loops for the performance.

Glyndebourne audio technician Simon Yapp praised the versatility of the Sennheiser equipment. “The new system can cope with the different frequencies from fluorescent lighting,” he commented. “On top of that, it’s a two-channel or a stereo system. It can be run with an audio soundtrack of the show on one of the channels, and then the other channel can have an audio description of what’s happening on stage for blind or partially-sighted audience members, or you can run the whole system in stereo. Up to this point there wasn’t a stereo infrared system available.”

User comments have been universally positive, added Yapp: “People absolutely love the hearing system. The feedback is always very good.”

Glyndebourne was subject to a major redevelopment in the 1990s that entailed the construction of a brand new venue. The new theatre opened in 1994 with a production of Mozart’s Le nozze di Figaro (The Marriage of Figaro).