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Get connected with the HydraPort from AMX

AMX delivers enhancements to retractable desktop connection system.

HydraPort is a completely modular, retractable cable connection system built to accommodate the diverse connection needs of any conference or meeting room user. The ergonomic unit lets users connect and control multiple devices and, with power modules meeting regulatory standards for the USA, UK, EU, Australia and now India, it can be installed nearly anywhere in the world.

AMX has introduced a number of new modules for HydraPort. Individual HDMI and DVI digital video pass-through modules and an RGB+A pass-through module will provide added connectivity, whilst a congruent module for India extends the product’s global power compatibility.

“HydraPort is as much a stand-alone connection device as it is a complement to a control system,” said Kevin Morrison, managing director, AMX Europe. “Whether you need to provide a simple power source, a complex network or control connectivity hub; HydraPort delivers any combination in one cost effective, stylish solution.”

HydraPort boasts a retractable base station that smoothly rises to expose device connections, then lowers back down to conceal the collection of cables, while keeping the connections intact. The double-sided design offers easy access, with space on each side to accommodate as many as eight AV or data modules, four power modules, two keypad modules or any combination of these.