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Genelec speakers chosen for exclusive Finnish cinema experience

Finnkino has recently installed a Genelec loudspeaker system in its luxury Lounge Premium cinema within the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo.

Finnish cinema chain, Finnkino, has recently installed a Genelec loudspeaker system in its Lounge Premium cinema, a boutique suite that forms part of the company’s seven-screen complex in the Iso Omena shopping centre in Espoo.

The Lounge is an intimate space that has been designed to offer its customers a unique cinema experience. Equipped with luxury leather recliners and individual tables for food and drink, the cinema is aimed at a highly discerning public. The audio system needed to be of the same high standard, which led to the choice of Genelec speakers. A total of eight high performance speakers, including the newly introduced 1234AC, were used to deliver premium audio with precise imaging for a  7.1 audio experience.

“The main reason we decided to choose Genelec was to underline and define the exclusivity of the luxury experience by using top of the line speakers,” said Ari ‘Jaska’ Saarinen, who was Finnkino’s technical manager for this project. “Genelec is an extremely well-known brand, and synonymous with outstanding performance in the pro audio industry. It was an obvious choice for me for this installation.”

Saarinen was previously frustrated by the lack of quality cinema speakers to choose from when equipping cinemas across Europe, and he has often used custom-made loudspeakers which are designed to be positioned in a special array above a non-perforated screen. For the Lounge project however, he was keen to take the cinema experience to the next level, with the assistance of Genelec. “All of the customer feedback we have received has been very positive, and the Finnkino Lounge is very popular; it’s always a sell-out,” he added. 

Finnkino Lounge uses three powerful 1234AC three-way active speakers positioned horizontally above the screen to deliver precise imaging both on- and off-axis, courtesy of Genelec’s Directivity Control Waveguide technology. By positioning speakers above the screen instead of behind a perforated screen – as is conventional with cinema audio setups – the speakers avoid any unwanted comb filtering effect or impact on loudspeaker dispersion which the screen may add.

In addition, four Genelec 1238AC loudspeakers are positioned at the sides and the back of the auditorium. The 1238AC is little brother to the 1234AC, sporting dual 10in woofers to the dual 12in woofers that feature in the 1234AC model. The careful positioning of the speakers, all of which are three-way for maximum accuracy and directivity control, ensure the highest quality 7.1 audio experience for every seat in the house. Rounding off the installation is a Genelec 7073A subwoofer – featuring four 12in drivers, 19Hz lower cut-off frequency and 124dB sound pressure output capability, the speaker delivers powerful and precise bass throughout the auditorium. 

“I have worked with Genelec for almost 30 years and it is always a pleasure,” noted Saarinen. “Working on the Finnkino Lounge project with Genelec has been an excellent experience, and we are delighted with the outcome.”