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Gefen helps the Content Lab get connected

Gefen is supplying the AACL with a selection of high definition digital video switchers supplemented by digital cables. These solutions are enabling the Lab to set up a seamless plug-and-play integration of key audio/video and computer systems, adding flexibility and functionality to its consumer-focused investigations.

Gefen’s 4×4 DVI Matrix connects any four digital video sources to any four digital displays, allowing the integration of all eight components without networking. High definition digital video is assigned from a source to a display using the IR remote that comes with the unit.

The manufacturer’s HDMI and DVI Switchers enable multiple digital video sources to be connected to the same high definition display, allowing users to switch to whatever source they wish to view using an IR remote while retaining the signal’s pure digital integrity. Switching takes place instantly, enabling an always-on viewing environment with greater choices and instant audio/video delivery.

“Thanks to the Gefen equipment, we can streamline the AACL’s infrastructure to more easily examine consumer behaviour,” said ETC executive director David Wertheimer. “With each new addition to our arsenal, we enhance our efforts towards understanding and solving the issues raised by digital distribution and consumption.”