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Gazprom NEFT upgrades conference room with Arthur Holm

NIS - a subsidiary of oil and gas giant Gazprom - had its conference room facilities upgraded, opting for integrated Arthur Holm monitors.

International oil company Gazprom NEFT recently upgraded the conference room facilities at its NIS Naftna Industrija Srbije (NIS) location in Novi Sad, Serbia, involving the integration of Arthur Holm AH19DA monitors. Local integrator Studio Berar Projekt was enlisted to install the solution in accordance with the oil company‚Äôs wishes and industry standards. 

The 19in monitors are finished with an anodized aluminium frame to give the conference room a professional, corporate finish. To integrate easily with the conferencing system, which is composed of a presidential and delegate (speaker-microphone) type transmission units with condenser microphone, the high screeen contrast offer improved viewing angles and ensures full visibility for conference attendees.
 Studio Berar Projekt opted to implement a ceiling speaker system with an independent control of each pair of the speakers installed. For the purposes of playing music and other supporting audio and video content, a separate speaker system with specially controlled radiation are installed, thanks to which an optimal room coverage has been achieved. Video presentation system consists of a system of cameras and video distribution system and is used to support the needs of video-conference connections as well as all types of presentations. The system also includes the motorized projection screens and DLP projectors with 4000 ANSI lumens brightness. The video signal is distributed to each projector individually, allowing for the projection of different images on each screen. On the racks mounted onto the side walls of the room, a professional 40in LCD monitors with the ability to change the viewing angle have been installed, while the delegates seated at the conference desk can follow the action through their own individual built-in monitors.