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Gazprom has Diamond Vision with Mitsubishi Electric OLEDs

Mitsubishi Diamond Vision OLED modules have been installed as the new centrepiece to Russian oil giants Gazprom's headquarters in Noybrsh, Russia, ensuring ambient light isn't a problem.

Moscow-based systems integrator Avilex has deployed 112 of Mitsubishi Electric’s Diamond Vision OLED modules to create a centrepiece display in the headquarters of Gazprom Dobycha Noyabrsk, Russia.

The 14×8 configuration screen, which measures 5.4m x 3m, delivers a total resolution of 1792×1024 pixels. Each Diamond Vision OLED module delivers 1,200 cd/sqm, allowing the screen to remain perfectly visible in the room despite a glass ceiling allowing daylight in.

The OLED tiles are also exceptionally thin – just a few millimetres – which provided Avilex with a very light and easy to install solution. Moreover, a unique system developed by Mitsubishi enabled the modules to be connected in virtually any configuration to create seamless display surfaces with extremely narrow form factors, making the technology ideal for applications such as this. A further benefit is that the OLED technology is significantly more cost-effective than an LED screen of equivalent performance. The Gazprom screen is the latest OLED screen to be installed by Mitsubishi, and the largest outside Japan.

The Gazprom screen is controlled by a Mitsubishi XDC-6000E screen controller and employs a network media player and workstation developed by Avilex. The whole system is designed to be easy to use, enabling the customer to schedule their own content – typically a mix of corporate videos, announcements and other information. Gazprom hailed the eye-catching display as a “Significant enhancement of communication between front office, personnel and visitors of the complex.”