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Fulcrum Acoustic brings ‘night club’ quality audio to Jersey Shore wedding venues

Speaker manufacturer helps bring the noise to premier wedding venue offering audio quality providing night club quality sound

Two of the Jersey Shore’s premier wedding facilities have a lot in common: sophisticated charm, scenic views and elegant ballrooms. The Crystal Point Yacht Club and The English Manor also both recently selected Jersey-based integrator Synapse Audio Visual Designs to upgrade their ballroom sound and lighting systems. Synapse based their sound system designs on Fulcrum Acoustic’s deceptively powerful, compact installation loudspeakers.

Compact, high-fidelity loudspeakers were required to deliver nightclub-worthy output and aesthetically integrate with the magnificent ballrooms.


“The intent for both systems was to allow the venue to control the volume and clarity of DJs while still delivering that nightclub feel,” explains Synapse Audio Visual Designs owner Chris Obssuth. “Four Fulcrum Prophile Series S dual 8-inch coaxial loudspeakers were aimed to converge on the Crystal Point’s ballroom dance-floor, allowing the sound energy to be dissipated by the bodies of guests dancing. 

With little room to work with overhead, we rigged two Fulcrum Sub215 dual 15-in subwoofers to down-fire through a drop ceiling at each end of the dance-floor. Fulcrum’s compact designs made for the discreet and elegant install venue co-owners Kyle and Lisa Truesdale were looking for.”

“Kyle Truesdale asked me if I was sure such small loudspeakers would be loud enough for the dance-floor,” recalls Obssuth. “It was fun to watch his face when I fired up the system for the first time and really put the spurs to it. Kyle was blown away. He couldn’t believe such big sound and high-fidelity could come from such small boxes.”

“For the English Manor’s Grand Ballroom, we designed a similar distributed system with six Prophile Series P single 8-inch coaxial loudspeakers and a pair of Fulcrum US212 dual 12-inch direct-radiating subs for low-frequency extension,” recounts Obssuth. “As the ballroom had been recently renovated with gorgeous Swarovski crystal chandeliers and up-colour lighting, we were very deliberate about using compact, low-profile loudspeakers that wouldn’t detract from its elegance. We specified Fulcrum Prophile Series coaxial speakers because their horizontally-oriented, trapezoidal cabinets allowed us to tuck them tight to the ceiling, and their wide 100° x 100° dispersion patterns are perfect for the ballrooms’ dance-floors.” 

“Many DJs these days have given up on high-quality audio and overcompensate with loud boxes that lack clarity,” observes Synapse senior designer Stephen Cannella who worked with Obssuth on the project. “Using Fulcrum loudspeakers with Powersoft amps, Symetrix processors and a Crestron user front end gave our customer all the high-energy audio and control they needed. DJs can simply plug into a wall plate to play the room systems rather than setting up their own portable ‘speakers on a stick.’ The sound system also has the versatility to support background music, spoken word and wireless mics for corporate meetings.”

“We now have the most impressive sound and lighting systems in the region and the response to them has been overwhelmingly positive,” enthuses Truesdale. “We wanted high-quality, high-energy sound systems for our Crystal Point and English Manor ballrooms and it couldn’t have worked out better for us.”