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Four Brighton clubs lit by Colour Sound Experiment

'Life', 'Coalition', 'The Tube' and 'Sticky Mike's Frog Bar' are four popular clubs in Brighton - and Colour Sound Experiment has provided lighting for each of them.

London, UK-based lighting rental company Colour Sound Experiment (CSE) has designed and is supplying contract rental lighting systems to four clubs in popular seaside destination Brighton.

‘Life’ is a 700-capacity nightclub on the seafront with three arched spaces towards the back forming the main dance floor, which are lit dynamically with a rig including Robe Scan 575 XTs as the central moving light system. These are joined by 48 x LEDJ Spectra LED battens controlled via a Hippo Critter media server.

There are also a quantity of Pulsar ChromaScapes (an LED pin spot) and a 48-inch mirror ball over the bar at the front, which when lit, shoots shafts of light out onto the seafront. An Avolites Pearl is used for control.

‘Coalition’ is a 500-capacity nightclub and live music venue, into which CSE has installed eight Robe Scan 575s plus six Atomic strobes, 24 PARs and three 600 milliwatt green lasers, all run by another Avolites Pearl.

‘The Tube’ is a disco space in a prime seafront location. Lighting needed to be flexible and tough enough to deal with being in constant use, and includes six Robe Scanners, three 16-inch mirror balls for a bit of dancehall retro, complete with six pinspots, all controlled via a Pulsar Masterpiece.

The control system also includes a Pulsar Outstation for the DJ to operate manually if desired; otherwise, the lighting is designed to run without an operator using a set of pre-programmed sequences.

The final club in the current Brighton project is ‘Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar’ which is in the South Lanes, a winding network of small, interesting streets leading down to the Brighton seafront.

The venue hasa capacity of around 200. Currently, there are 10 LED Zoom PARs and six classic disco effects run off a Pulsar Masterpiece.

The lighting for all these venues has been installed by Colour Sound over the last 18 months.

In another recent Brighton install, a Soundcraft Vi1 console was recently chosen for The Haunt, a venue situated opposite Brighton Pier.