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Fohhn launches A-1 Live audio interface

The portable audio interface provides direct, high-quality audio transmission from computer to sound reinforcement system.

The A-1 Live is a portable stereo USB audio interface developed for transmission of audio directly from a computer/laptop to a professional sound reinforcement system, without the need for additional hardware such as a mixer or DI box. Primarily designed for live sound applications and permanent installations, the A-1 live is a standalone USB device equipped with balanced XLR stereo outputs and a galvanically isolated USB connection. These features are designed to prevent interference, hum and reduced sound quality or loss of output level – all common problems for interfaces with unbalanced connectors, or when there is no galvanic isolation between the computer and the interface.

Offering simple plug and play installation without the need for a separate power supply, the A-1 Live is suitable for live sound, DJ and other pro-audio applications.