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FLX wireless phone from Revolabs

FLX is designed for small to mid-sized conference rooms, executive offices and small office environments.

FLX combines wireless operation, high-quality wideband audio, 128-bit encryption, integrated Bluetooth plus support for analogue and IP. Unlike the single-component design of previous solutions, Revolabs FLX refines the conference phone into several distinct components said to offer greater freedom in terms of placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones and dial pad. The unit is suitable for use with an individual lapel microphone, an omnidirectional tabletop microphone for six to ten participants or a directional tabletop microphone for use by two to three people. 

The Revolabs FLX can also serve as the audio interface for virtually any major brand of videoconferencing equipment, and because the FLX dialer operates like a telephone for handset calls and enables the setup of conference calls, there is no need for a separate desk and conference phone. 

FLX’s integrated Bluetooth technology provides a single collaboration device irrespective of the communication channel being used, allowing users to connect the speaker and microphones to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or computers.