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Flexible solution from GefenTV

GefenTV 1:8 is a multi-format video distribution over Ethernet system designed to offer installers greater flexibility when distributing analogue video to multiple displays.

With its small footprint, analogue video support and two methods of signal extension, the GefenTV 1:8 allows analogue video devices to be viewed in multiple locations within the same building using an existing LAN infrastructure.

A small sender unit and one or more receiver units are incorporated in the distribution system: the sender unit accepts connections from four different audio/video devices using VGA, component, composite and s-video connections with stereo audio. Video is output in VGA or component format and audio can be connected to displays, televisions or projectors. Computers, DVD players, VCRs etc can all be connected to the 1:8 Multi-Format Video Distribution over Ethernet.

Using a single Cat5 cable for each location, the selected source can travel up to 330ft to eight different displays, each with its own receiver. Additional receivers can also be cascaded to create larger display distribution systems.