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Flagship Times Square retail install powered by Signagelive

Champs Sports, a divison of Foot Locker, has new Times Square store kitted out with LED walls and the company's second full store flagship implementation of Signagelive.

Activate The Space (ATS) has recently completed the design and integration of the new Champs Sports location at 10 Times Square in New York City. ATS provided several LED walls including a two-storey wall on the side of the escalators and the media playback engine for the large outdoor LED wall on the front of the building, powered by Signagelive.

Champs Sports, a division of Foot Locker, celebrated the opening of its New York flagship location in Times Square. Following the move from the brand’s former Times Square footprint, the new multi-level property is nearly four-times the size of the previous location with 8,160sqft of premium retail space.

In addition to the indoor LED systems, ATS also designed and integrated a multi-zone Bose Audio System complete with new ATS Core Control touchpanels.

Core Control enables operation of the entire audio and video systems, as well as providing ATS technical services the ability to operate or interrogate the AV systems, via the Cloud from any device, anywhere and at any time.

HD media playback is provided using our Brandcast Solutions powered by Signagelive and IAdea. Brandcast is powered by Signagelive media playback and cloud-based scheduling solutions, which power the large outdoor LED walls on the facade of 10 Times Times Square.

ATS creative handles the interior LED content and the exterior LED content for Champs Sports. ATS creative provides everything in-house from motion graphics, video editing, text, static image and HTML social media feed moderations, across all the brands available at Champs Sports.

Designed to be flexible, ‘The Arena’ layout allows Champs Sports and its vendor partners to tell key stories in new and creative ways, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Within this new layout, leading athletic brands will have elevated brand experiences with cross-category product offerings, allowing customers to easily navigate by brand and identify sought-after products more efficiently.

The flagship store will serve as a hub that demonstrates the brand’s core values – We Know Game – embodying, celebrating and advocating for all of those who participate.

Bryon Milburn, VP and GM, Champs Sports commented: “At Champs Sports, we are always looking to bring the best retail experiences to our customers, and to establish ourselves as the go-to destination to find leading athletic brands. The Times Square store offers the best assortment of the top brands that shoppers know, love and have come to expect from Champs Sports.

“The new store has a prominent exterior presence with an LED display spanning 68ft by 23ft across prime Times Square real estate. Inside, there are four additional digital screens to allow for robust, interactive storytelling throughout the customer journey.”

Chris Pelzar, CEO and managing partner, Activate the Space, said: “Champs Times Square is the second full store flagship implementation of Signagelive we have used for Champs Sports. In addition to the stores massive indoor LED Displays which were designed and integrated by Activate The Space, we also utilise Signagelive for the large outdoor LED wall as well playing branded content 24/7 in Times Square.

“For the past few months Activate The Space has been busy re-designing and replacing our legacy Digital Signage Software of choice for almost (10) years and now in new designs we favour using Signagelive in almost all cases. The reason for this are simple. With Signagelive we have a vast choice of media playback hardware to choose from. This allows us to choose the best hardware platform for any particular project or need. In addition, Signagelive being inherently cloud-based, allows to programme the content on any device, from anywhere and at any time.”

Jason Cremins, CEO and founder of Signagelive, added: “The new Champs Sports store in Time Square demonstrates how digital signage has become core to design and customer experience for progressive retailers. Activate The Space understand how to work with major retailers and brands to turn their ideas and stories into high impact digital environments. We are proud to be associated with such an iconic and high profile project.”