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Financial centre installed with AKG conference mics

A total of 33 AKG GN 30 E 5PIN gooseneck microphones, 33 AKG CK 31 microphone capsules and 33 AKG H 600 shock mounts were specified for the major project, which also entailed the installation of several different loudspeaker systems strategically positioned to optimise the acoustics in the glass-walled conference room.

The use of AKG products, said Herzog, meant that it was possible “to hand over the project on time in spite of a close deadline and still [fulfil] all of the client’s requirements and wishes. We even kept the price appreciably lower than the budget.”

The AKG microphones were selected as part of a complete upgrade of the conference facilities that also included the installation of new loudspeakers and an AMX touch panel.

“The multimedia conference room they have now gives them the capability to do everything they need to do and more,” said Herzog. “The combination of speakers with the AKG microphones optimises the sound for every presentation, and the AWX control system links everything together perfectly.”