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Fast-track project: Blitz designs mobile installation for Ducati

The composition of the facilities, made up of five individual 40 feet long adjoining trailers creates its own unique challenges from a technology installation point of view. However, within the VIP hospitality area, 10 distinctive zones have been created, each with its own specific purpose including offices, kitchen space for catering, dining areas and relaxation spaces.

In each individual zone, Blitz has developed a system which gives customers the choice of watching any of the individual circuit feeds – a total of approximately 20 video and audio channels are available to every guest in each area, as well as telephony and internet connections. Users in each area are able to customise their viewing experience with the aid of individual AMX MIO Modero wall panels. Blitz has also installed an over-riding AMX wireless touch panel which allows the organiser to take control of the race feeds and dictate what is televised in each zone. This also includes macros for one touch operation of various viewing schedules throughout the event.

As Alan MacDonald, Head of Blitz Interactive, comments: “This project has been extremely exciting to manage, and we have created a fully integrated AV solution which functions incredibly well within the trucks. Special care was needed to ensure that the trailers were easily set up from a technology point of view and that interlinking cables were kept to a minimum. As these trailers move throughout Europe the system had to be entirely reliable and robust”.

The re-vamped Ducati Paddock Club Complex trucks recently made their debut at the MotoGP in Jerez, Spain and proved to be a huge success.