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Faith Assembly of God Church flexes Turbosound

Orlando's Faith Assembly of God Church put its faith into a Turbosound speaker solution for its 3,000-seat sanctuary and several other spaces within the facility.

A new campus for the Faith Assembly of God Church, Orlando, US, has been fitted with a Turbosound Flex Array sound reinforcement system to satisfy the acoustic requirements of its 3,000-seat, stadium-style sanctuary. The campus also needed sound systems for three kids’ theaters, a wedding chapel, choir room, and atrium. 
Winter Springs-based Encore Broadcast Solutions was enlised as primary AV contractor, while Atlantic Professional Audio (APA) came onboard as audio sub-contractor for design and installation of the project. The sanctuary required an audio solution that didn’t disrupt the congregation’s line of sight to the various video displays around the room. Encore Broadcast Solutions selected two six-speaker Turbosound Flex arrays, augmented by a pair of four-box delay arrays. All the sanctuary arrays consist of Turbosound’s TCS-1061 three-way loudspeakers, with the 75º dispersion version occupying the bottom two slots in each array, and 100º models above them. The TCS-1061 is also switchable between bi-amp and tri-amp deployment. For bass, a pair of TSW-218 subs are housed under the stage, these are complemented by nine TFA-600L units flown above. Elsewhere in the sanctuary, frontfill duties are handled by Turbosound’s NuQ line, with a pair of biamped NuQ-8s flanked by four more passive NuQ-6 boxes to ensure solid yet unobtrusive coverage for the front rows. Sidefills came from Turbosound’s Aspect line, with one TA-500 and TA-500HM flown alongside the Flex arrays to provide full-range coverage for the side seating areas. A total of 17 Turbosound RACKDP-50 amplifiers are networked to power and control the sanctuary sound system, using the BV-Net-USB to optimise performance of all individual components as a cohesive whole. In the choir room, where rehearsals and meetings are held for the Faith Assembly’s 75-member choir, the team specified a self-powered system consisting of two wall-mounted NuQ-12DP mains, augmented by a pair of B15DP subwoofers. The two larger kids’ theaters accommodate up to 300 youths, with staging designed for video and theatrical presentations. Three NuQ-10 speakers comprise the mains in a left/center/right deployment, augmented by a pair of TCS-B15A subwoofers. Two TCX-8 compact two-way speakers handle stage monitoring. All seven speakers are flown to keep the stage area clear. The third kids’ theater is for early elementary age children and is classroom-sized, with all sound reinforcement handled by a pair of ceiling-mounted NuQ-8 full-range loudspeakers.
 The wedding chapel is an intimate space designed for acoustic music and voice, obtaining full, rich sound from a pair of NuQ-12 speakers supported by two B-15 subwoofers. Like the sanctuary, choir room and kids theater spaces, all speakers utilise the RACKDP-50 power management system.