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Extra Lighthouse screen for Schiphol

The installation took place to enable a new text messaging service that works in addition to the existing method of leaving notes at a centralised meeting point. Vetting of each message is designed to prevent abuse of the new system, the operation of which is being financed by advertising.

Hecla’s new business manager, Jos den Hartog, provided an example of an application for the new service. “If someone is meeting a relative off a plane which is delayed, the passenger can text where and when to meet them, and the person meeting them will get the message via the screen,” he said.

The screen is controlled by a Lighthouse LIP-DX processor, while advertising content is fed from the airport’s media team. Hecla maintains overall control remotely from its office in Hengelo, a town in the east of the Netherlands.

“We have a very good relationship with Schiphol’s media team and they are very satisfied with the extra screen,” added den Hartog. “It’s bringing a new and exciting dimension to the airport’s passenger facilities.”