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Extensive NEXO system for Swiss college theatre

The need for a versatile system able to cope with a wide variety of meetings, presentations, theatrical productions and concerts led project installer ZAP Audio to recommend a specification based around NEXO’s new compact GEO S1230 two-way enclosures, two modules of which have been flown either side of the stage. The S1230s are supplemented by a NEXO RS15 subwoofer and two NEXO PS8 cabinets as rear FX speakers.

The loudspeakers are driven by a pair of NEXO NXAMP 4×1 TDControllers equipped with ES-104 EtherSound cards. The NXAMPs combine the functions of amplifier and system controller.

The networked solution is completed by four Yamaha DME (digital mix engine) satellites and, at FOH, a Yamaha Matrix DME24 and an LS9-32 mixing console.

Equipped with scene presets, the integrated solution enables the auditorium’s sound engineers to take advantage of a full range of control and system management options.