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Express delivery: Mauell engaged for DHL quality centre

The high-tech facility allows shipment information to become visible to the network within 15 minutes of the event capture at a control point in the delivery path. Every shipment can be monitored and accessed in real-time, with any disruption in the delivery path detected immediately.

In conjunction with a team from DHL, Mauell GmbH undertook the planning and completion of the Quality Control Center. It also supplied the control room’s video wall and visualisation facilities – including media control, videoconference and IT systems – and will provide long-term service and maintenance.

Highlights of a very extensive spec list includes two walls of Mauell ME multiView DLP cubes, a Mauell ME multiView controller with Mauell wall-management software, a Tandberg videoconference system, a Crestron AV and building/lighting control system, a Genelec sound system, a Panasonic DVD player and a Humax HD player, along with equipment from beyerdynamic, Kling & Freitag and Sanyo.

“The feedback from the end-customer, DHL, is that it is a high-end IT [installation] with an easy-to-use system for a 24-hour non-stop mission-critical application,” Mauell project manager Michael Schmidt told II. “It’s a working solution from a partner that really understands what the customer needs.”

Founded in 1957, manufacturing, engineering and support service company Mauell employs nearly 600 people – 400 at locations in Germany, and the remainder at sales/service locations and subsidiaries situated worldwide.