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Expanding in Las Vegas: IBS installs 3M digital signage network using Magenta MultiView technology

The second 16-storey building was completed in January 2007, linking an additional 54 screens on all 16 floors to the original structure and expanding the existing Magenta Research MultiView installation. With the addition of Building B, IBS has deployed over 120 screens between the two buildings and using Magenta exclusively in both buildings.

“IBS uses Magenta because it performs exactly as designed making our installation easier and quicker.” says Brent Brown, VP and CIO of IBS. “When you gaze up the escalators, you can see 16 floors of screens and know that there is a Magenta receiver working the way you and the client require.”

Randy Young, Magenta’s director of marketing, comments: “For this application, IBS took advantage of the breadth of the MultiView Series product line. Five-output, four-output and single-output transmitters were combined with several 1×9 Cat5 distribution hubs to cost-effectively distribute the content. The MultiView Series offers four distance tiers of receiver capability – 250, 500, 1000 and 1500 feet, so the receivers utilised at the World Market were matched to the extension distances required over the 16 floors.”