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Exclusive ebook: Empowering the Future of Education

The new ebook from Installation in association with NewTek assesses the current education technology landscape, and the AV systems that are empowering learning institutions for the future

The opening extract from Empowering the Future of Education, the new ebook from Installation and NewTek, explains that it is only in recent years that “parity between technology geared towards entertainment and that which is developed with education in mind” has come into being. This has been played out not only with remote hybrid learning but also ‘edutainment’, where technology is a critical enabler of experiences that blend fun and learning to keep pupils engaged. Increasingly, organisations in the education space are turning to affordable broadcast-grade solutions to engage with students and ensure that they remain attentive and responsive.

Empowering the Future of Education provides unique insight into how NewTek and NDI® are at the forefront of AV systems for the education sector, providing broadcast-grade solutions for education institutions around the world as they seek to redefine their teaching delivery capabilities through AV technology.

The ebook provides case studies from NDI and NewTek installations in London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama; the University of East Anglia; the University of Wolverhampton; and Mianyang Teachers’ College, China. It also offers insight into how AV systems for education can be futureproofed with software-defined solutions.

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