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Eve Audio for Kingston College’s new £10.8m campus

Eve Audio equipment has been specified for Kingston College's brand new £10.8m Creative Industries Campus.

Eve Audio equipment has been specified for Kingston College’s brand new £10.8m Creative Industries Campus.

The brand new facility will offer state-of-the-art recording equipment, including Eve Audio monitors, supplied through North London-based education dealer, Academia, in partnership with Nova Distribution.

The music technology department boasts two main studios, with live room and control rooms for each. Both are equipped with Audient ASP4816 and ASP8024 mixing consoles and Eve Audio SC207s and SC208s as near fields. In addition to this, there are four ancillary project studios that incorporate the Eve Audio SC205s.

The brief was to provide a monitoring solution that could offer the latest technology to the studios, whilst ensuring longevity and a high level of robustness.

Senior technician and instructor, Chris Winters comments: “Kingston College runs BTEC and HNC courses in music production and performance. Our brief was to provide a space that replicated a professional studio environment. It was a difficult decision to choose monitors for six studios, two control rooms and four project rooms.

“There was a budget to work to and the team and I had to make careful consideration to choose a quality professional product within a certain price point. We found the SC205s to have amazing clarity and detailed sound along with a great tight bottom end, for such a small unit – perfect for the smaller project rooms.

“We decided to choose the SC207s for studio 1 and SC208s for the larger control room as they have such a tight sound and wonderful detail. The stereo field is amazing. As all of the models in the Eve range incorporate the same DSP control and family sound, this meant there would be continuity across the rooms and for teaching that is a must. The choice was really to determine the right size model that suited the different size spaces.

Winters continues: “The DSP is great and we love the function that if you overload the input, the ring of LEDs around the DSP encoder flashes. This is a great indicator for highlighting gain structuring to the students. If it flashes, the signal is too hot. This level of protection before the amps is a must in an educational environment. As the new studios have been built inside a new build we had to provide equipment which is eco-friendly and doesn’t waste energy. Looking at the specs on these monitors, the figures were favourable and very energy efficient.

“Overall the monitors have a modern design and have the quality and functionality of products on the market which cost much more. The students and staff absolutely love them. A big thank you to Phil Skins at Nova Distribution for introducing us to these fab monitors.”