EV XLD for historic Dutch theatre

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After an extensive programme of demos and trial runs, the venue opted for a fully-flown, centrally positioned EV system. The rig comprises 16 XLD 281s, three XS 212s and six S-40s (for front-fill), powered by EV CP3000S and TG-5 amplifiers. Processing comes from a single Klark Teknik DN 9848E.

Axel Nagteegaal, managing director of E-Audio Benelux, told II that the company had to balance contrasting demands in specifying the most suitable system. "The management demand a system that did not interfere with the line of sight towards the stage, while the architect demanded a system that blended in with the background colour-wise," he recalled. "The house engineers wanted a system that was accepted by the market and suitable for classic music, theatre and live music applications. Finally, the chief engineer demanded a system that was very easy to use by the various engineers and able to cover even the most far-away seats. After testing several key brands, the choice was EV XLD."