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EV, NetMax systems for Dutch leisure centre

In the main hall, the main FOH system specification features EV QRx212 and Xsubs, with the new ZXA5 powered speakers serving as delays. Meanwhile, the bar area system is based around compact ZX1 speakers. Control is provided by a NetMax N8000 system, used in conjunction with a single touch-screen that enables De Ducdalf staff to handle switching and adjustments for every room in the facility.

“De Ducdalf owners Henk Jan de Raat and Pieter de Raat were very enthusiastic about the Electro-Voice solution, upgrading their facility with equipment that has proven itself to be the high quality audio standard,” commented Axel J.E. Nagtegaal, MD of E-Audio Benelux, pictured here to the left of Hans Meurs (HM Entertainment), Hank Jan de Raat and Pieter de Raat (both De Ducdalf), and Rob van Geest.

Described upon launch as “the next link in the IRIS-Net audio processing chain”, the NetMax N8000 digital audio system controller is said to offer a flexible hardware platform that enables “field level” customisation of the unit to nearly any application.