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EV helps to relay the Pontiff to pilgrims

Held during Pope Benedict XVI’s three-day visit to Austria in September, the Mariazell Mass was relayed to more than 20,000 pilgrims in a nearby sports ground by a combination of two giant LED screens and EV XLC audio equipment. The sound specification there consisted of an EV XLC 127+ line array (three hangs of eight) and eight Xi1152 enclosures, driven by EV P3000/P2000 amps and controlled by six EV Dx38s.

As system technician Thomas Hasenhauer recalled, the project was not without its challenges, the most significant arriving when the organisers of the Mass “requested lip synchronicity between the sound heard by the congregation and the LED screens. By distributing the eight Xi1152 loudspeakers at regular intervals in front of the smaller LED screens, we were able, of course, to cover the entire congregation without recourse to delays, thereby solving the problem. Applying the same principle, we then moved the XLC line arrays in front of the larger of the two LED screens forward slightly – again, obviating the need for delays – to bring us a few metres closer to lip-synchronicity.”

In addition to the mass, a procession through the streets of Mariazell saw MTR erecting four sound reinforcement towers to relay prayers, and vocal and instrumental performances. Each tower consisted of two RX112/75 loudspeakers and an Xi1082 system.