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ETC supplies 350 Source Four luminaires to distinguished Venice event

La Biennale – which alternates between foci on architecture and art/theatre/film – is held at the Arsenale di Venezia (Venetian Arsenal) between July and November. While ETC dealer Decima and a local rental company have traditionally supplied all the lighting, so many luminaires were required on this occasion that ETC Italy became involved directly.

The fixtures were used in two ways: to light an entire wall and to focus on the works themselves, enabling them to stand out from the surrounding area. The 650 Source Fours in use in the main areas were pars and profiles in 19_, 26_, 36_, 50_ and the relatively new 70_ field angles. A further fifty 26_ and 50_ beam angled luminaires were supplied by a local rental company for use in a separate area,

“The Source Fours’ light weight and flexibility made them perfect for this application, plus a large number of lens tubes could be used with the same luminaire body,” said Fulvio Cotogni, ETC’s manager for southern Europe. “The 70_ lens was particularly suitable, and the 50_ also gave a considerable angle, even at 7m. ETC is delighted to be able to help La Biennale with their lighting, and I’m sure that they’ll get many years of service out of their luminaires.”

Tom Littrell, fixtures product manager for ETC, told II: “We take great pride in the energy efficiency and flexibility of our Source Four luminaires. It is gratifying that these benefits could contribute to the success of the prestigious Biennale.”

Following the completion of the current exhibition earlier this month, the units are to be used for other events organised by La Biennale, including those staged during the Venice Carnival and corporate conventions.