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ETC’s app gives a boost to Light Relief

ETC’s iRFR app turns any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a remote controller for ETC lighting desks. All proceeds are donated to Light Relief and Behind the Scenes.

When ETC developed the iRFR app, which turns any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a remote controller for ETC lighting desks, the intention was to provide convenient and affordable facility-wide lighting control to venues around the world. The iRFR has accomplished much more than that, however. All the proceeds from purchases of the £30 app are donated to Light Relief and Behind the Scenes, organisations which provide emergency funds to entertainment-technology industry professionals dealing with illness or injury. When buying the app, users choose either the LR or BTS version, depending on which charity is closest to home.

In the year and a half since it became available, the iRFR app has raised some £21,500 for Behind the Scenes and Light Relief. That money has gone directly to workers in the industry who are going through crises and has been used for much needed care and living expenses.

“This is a great way for ETC console users to support their fellow professionals,” says ETC CEO Fred Foster. “Just by purchasing an app for devices they use each day, lighting professionals are making a big impact on someone else’s life and supporting technicians in our industry who face dramatic personal challenges. The popularity of the iRFR app has made it possible for Behind the Scenes and Light Relief to continue the important work that they do.”

iRFR – available from the iTunes app store – duplicates the functionality of an ETCNet3 Radio Focus Remote and is compatible with both the Eos and Congo control desk ranges. Acting as a remote control on a wireless network, the iRFR gives users the ability to set levels, call up record targets, and gain access to the popular colour picker feature.

Recently, ETC also introduced the free iRFR Preview app that works as a companion to the standard iRFR application. The iRFR Preview allows users to monitor active cue playback with their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, by connecting to an Eos, Ion or Element.