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ETC introduces Tessera touchscreen controller

The new solution is capable of mastering an entire installation – while also integrating with a larger Mosaic installation.

Designed to be part of a networked system or operate as a complete stand-alone controller, the compact Tessera combines a 4.3in (10.9cm) touchscreen with a 512-channel DMX over Ethernet Mosaic controller. The system provides control over complex lighting shows as well as devices like moving lights, colour-mixing LEDs and dimmers; it can also handle impromptu show control, accessories, automation, waterworks and other non-lighting effects. Colour-changing lights in a shopping centre or office block, for example, can include dynamic effects, seasonal themes or subtle lighting events without the need for complex control systems. 

Mosaic Designer software v1.9 is also now available for download from ETC’s website and includes support for Tessera, including the creation of customised touchscreen designs.