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ETC introduces Sensor3 Power Control

ETC’s has launched its latest generation of power modules, the Sensor3. The system is already in use at London’s National Theatre.

ETC’s has launched its latest generation of power modules, the Sensor3. The system is already in use at London’s National Theatre. ETC has begun supplying its latest style of power control product, Sensor3, which was specifically introduced to address the changing needs of venues. Reaching the market at the same time as mainstream LED lighting fixtures, such as ETC’s Source Four LED, the ThruPower modules are designed to work with Sensor3 to provide a perfect power control solution for the growing variety of loads, allowing selection of constant, dim or relay modes. London’s National Theatre has received and commissioned one of the first Sensor3 installations in the UK. Lighting resources manager Michael Atkinson comments: “We expect to see an increasing number of LED and automated fixtures in the rigs across the theatre in the next few years, and so it makes sense to prepare the venue for the future. This move from solid state relays to proper air gap relays will work much better with switch mode power supplies found on today’s fixtures.” ETC market manager Erik Larsen adds: “Through White Light, ETC supplied two 48-module Sensor3 Power Control racks, with 168 ways of dimming via ETC’s new ThruPower modules. These feed lighting bars already populated with a range of luminaires: they include a mix of LED, tungsten and intelligent fixtures. This is ETC’s vision of the future: rather than one type of lighting being dominant, each works well both individually and in combination with others; and for circumstances like this, our new ThruPower modules mean that they can all be powered without any challenges.” Mark White, ETC’s regional manager for the UK & Ireland says: “How appropriate that the National Theatre has chosen our state-of-the-art Power Control system. The National has always been at the forefront in having cutting-edge equipment, so ETC is proud to see them installing equipment fit for the next generation of energy efficient lighting sources.” The equipment was supplied by White Light’s project manager Esther Heaslip, with the venue having already begun using them on The Last of the Haussmans by Stephen Beresford, which opened on 12 June. ThruPower modules are a convenient, multi-configurable solution for modern theatres; venues which already have Sensor and Sensor+ dimming systems can simply upgrade to the latest CEM3 processor. Sensor3’s integrated design means fewer parts for fewer failures, while plug-in modularity allows for more configurability, customisation and easy maintenance. The new processor unit adds a larger graphical display and a numeric keypad, making system setup and management simpler than ever. The CEM3 processor provides good immunity to mains power disturbances like voltage and frequency fluctuations and each channel of the ThruPower modules has an in-built RCD breaker. Sensor3’s RideThru and BatteryPack options ensure power to the CEM3 processor if the mains power fails. The system configuration is backed up on other processors on the network, meaning that any processor replacement is quick and easy. “Sensor3 Power Control is ideal for theatres, broadcast studios, concert and performance halls – be they newly designed or retrofits,” concludes product manager Jake Dunnum. The National’s Lyttelton is a traditional proscenium arch theatre with seating for 890 people on two levels: stalls and circle. It is the middle of three theatres, with the Olivier seating over 1,000 and Cottesloe seating around 300. As well as the three theatres, the National hosts talks, music and exhibitions, as well as outdoor performances during the summer months. Picture: ETC’s Sensor3 Power Control with ThruPower modules is in use in the Lyttelton at the National Theatre. Pic credit – Mike Smallcombe.