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ETC introduces Gio to the EOS family

Gio is the latest addition to ETC’s Eos lighting control family, the compact size of which makes it suitable for rigs in theatre, academic institutions, corporate productions, exhibitions and special events.

Positioned in the middle of the Eos range, between the Eos and the Ion desks, Gio features the family’s powerful hardware and software for sophisticated effects – like pixel mapping and media server control – as well as the recognisable ETC syntax. 

Lightweight and portable, the high-functionality desk introduces new technologies to the Eos line up. The console’s buttons are backlit, making programming in dark situations much easier (and freeing up Littlites for script reading). Gio also includes two articulating 12.1in LCD multi-touch displays, allowing the screens to be positioned flat for shipping and angled for programming, according to preference.

Gio offers 10,000 channels (devices); 2048, 4096, 6144 or 8192 outputs/parameters; a dedicated master-playback fader pair; 10 definable motorised faders, with 30 pages of control; 999 cue lists; 200 active playbacks; 300 submasters; and four pageable force-feedback encoders.