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ETC debuts Selador Desire D40XTI LED luminaire

ETC’s new Selador luminaire uses seven LED colours for permanent indoor or outdoor architectural lighting installations.

ETC’s new Selador luminaire uses seven LED colours for permanent indoor or outdoor architectural lighting installations. ETC’s Selador family of LED luminaires are renowned for colour mixing, light quality, dimming and ease of use. Now ETC aims to redefine permanent interior and exterior architectural lighting with the introduction of the new Selador Desire D40XTI luminaire. The D40XTI has the same colour mixing system that Selador luminaires are known for. Using the x7 Color System – which combines up to seven LED colours in one unit – the D40XTI has the most flexible colour rendering possible. Available in seven different arrays, it can cover any lighting task:

  • Lustr+ (pictured) is the most adaptable array, producing a range of hues, from deep, saturated colours to rich spectral whites;
  • The Vivid array delivers the boldest colours available from an LED luminaire;
  • Fire and Ice dazzle with specific tones from the colour spectrum; 
  • Studio HD offers broadcast-quality variable white light;
  • Studio Daylight and Studio Tungsten provide maximum brightness in punchy cool or warm whites. 

 The D40XTI also features the Selador family’s professional-quality dimming capabilities. The D40XTI can fade to black smoothly, without the telltale steps demonstrated by other LEDs. A tough, rugged luminaire, the D40XTI is safe for use outdoors in any weather. Says Matt Armendariz-Kerr, ETC entertainment market manager: “The weather-resistant design of the D40XTI makes it the perfect tool to bring out architectural details of a building’s façade or to be installed in an outdoor theatre. At the same time, it’s rated for interior use, so the D40XTI can handle any long-term indoor installation.” The accessory holder on the D40XTI is a new feature to the Selador line, letting accessories be added, secured or changed in the field. “Diffusers, glass lenses, egg crates and other accessories don’t have to be factory installed,” says Jim Uphoff, ETC fixtures product manager. “The D40XTI’s sleek trim ring allows access to them without compromising the dustproof/waterproof seal.”