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Engage Production installs ‘dynamic’ displays at Bloomberg HQ

Two eye-catching display solutions have been installed at Bloomberg's New York headquarters. Both the displays protrude out from their respective surfaces using an array of colourful lights.

Interactive technology specialist Engage Production has installed two dynamic installations at news corporation Bloomberg’s headquarters in New York.

The installations consist of a sculptural piece known as The Scroll and a touch screen table known as The Hub (pictured). These capture the excitement of the Bloomberg brand and dynamically describe the many facets of their business.

Designed by the Studio of Cinematic Architecture (SOCA) and Jump Studios, The Scroll is a digital information display delivering Bloomberg news and data. The data surface, which incorporates three LED back-lit LCD screens mounted vertically in portrait format, appears to protrude from the wall on an array of colourful lights. These lights respond in real time to the changing colour of the content displayed on the surface.

The Hub is an interactive version of The Scroll, offering a stream of information about Bloomberg, but on an interactive, 55in MultiTaction Cell display manufactured by MultiTouch. Accessible from all sides, the MultiTaction Cell processes an unlimited number of concurrent touches so that any number of users around the table can operate it. The device runs MultiTouch’s latest Hybrid Tacking firmware, which repels ambient light which can cause interference.

“The Scroll is a colourful and playful piece of digital furniture,” commented Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage. “It gives the impression that a piece of wall has actually come bursting out under the pressure of all the news being produced by Bloomberg. For anyone passing through the lobby, it’s a real head-turner, as is The Hub which allows visitors to interact with their environment and underscores Bloomberg’s leadership in the fast-paced news industry.”

Due to the success of the New York installations, Bloomberg is said to be considering similar installations in other Bloomberg office locations.