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EM Acoustic introduces the X3 System

The horn-loaded PA speaker is designed to accompany the Quake subwoofer.

The X3 houses horn-loaded 15in low-frequency and 8in mid-range drivers together with six 1in HF compression units on a bespoke waveguide providing a horizontal line source which allows the enclosures to be tightly packed to form arrays.

According to EM, the system offers predictable horizontal coverage in any application, particularly those where high SPLs are required. Each X3 can be regarded as a 20° building block that can be combined to make up the desired coverage angle. Thanks to the HF manifold, each box combines seamlessly with the next, in effect creating a line array in the horizontal plane.

The X3 incorporates a drive unit test system which uses a simple push button on the rear of the box (powered by an integral 9V battery) to provide a clear visual indication of a malfunction in any of the eight drive units.