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Elytronic’s fantastic-looking integrated home

The project that won the Best Integrated Home under £30,000 category in the 2011 CEDIA Awards was a renovation that included adding a complete AV and lighting system, controlled by the same system as the existing air-conditioning. There's a cinema room with plasma TV and projection, a Sonos audio system and more,

The creation of a cost-effective integrated home – incorporating AV, lighting, blinds and air conditioning – secured Cyprus-based Elytronic the award for Best Integrated Home under £30,000 category in the 2011 CEDIA Awards.

In this complex high-tech project, the client had recently renovated his home and briefed Elytronic to design and install a lighting system which could be integrated with existing motorised shades and air conditioning to significantly reduce his glut of remotes. The client also required a complete AV solution, integrated within the same control system, comprising a dedicated home cinema room as well as access to all media sources, in high definition, from every TV point in the house.

Elytronic fulfilled the challenges of the brief by using wireless technology and IR control. The client can create the required atmosphere in his house at the touch of a button and enjoy multi-room video and audio distribution. The custom installer has successfully helped to create a modern home which, in the eyes of the judges, “simply looks fantastic”.

At the heart of the integrated solution is an RTI control system, consisting of three RP-6 centralised signal processors, to allow for the number of devices requiring IR control, and four T2-C remotes placed in the main areas of the house. The T2-C remote controls incorporate a full-colour TFT LCD display which combines a fully customisable touchpanel with 35 frequently used hard buttons.

A RAKO wireless lighting system was selected due to its versatility and ease of installation, and to avoid any physical damage to the newly modernised house. A total of 38 circuits and 12 blinds have been integrated using RAKO wireless dimmers and motor controls. By carefully placing the RAKO modules behind removable spotlights and existing air-conditioning access panels, Elytronic has ensured serviceability and easy access. A RAKO RS-232+ module integrates the lights with the RTI system, providing scene control as well as individual circuit control – enabling the client to create his own scenes on the go, rather than be limited to the four preset RAKO options.
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The home cinema system, in the living room, comprises a Fujitsu Siemens plasma TV, with stereo speakers, on one side and a Sim2 Domino projector with a screen on the other. Both displays work simultaneously and can show different sources if required. Taking into consideration both the aesthetics of the home and the renovation, a Future Automation projector lift has been fitted, along with a 3.00m Screenline in-ceiling screen. Both of these products are recessed in the ceiling and are white to match the colour of the décor.

The three Sony flat screen LCD TV panels are thoughtfully placed so no wires can be seen coming out from the termination wall plates. The installer has also ensured that all the cables avoid stress while a TV turns around on its table stand or wall mount. High definition video distribution is accomplished through the use of an AMX Precis LT 8×8 matrix switch to four TV points: the kitchen, the master bedroom, the living room and the home cinema projector.

A Sonos six-zone multi-room audio system integrates with a Buffalo Terastation NAS drive; hosting the client’s own music library of over 50,000 songs. The Sonos system also allows the client to access on-line music services as well as internet radio. Sonos has similar browsing methods to the iPod making it easy for the client to navigate and select his music.

The eight air-conditioning split units are in-ceiling units with grills, so the IR 2 receivers have also been placed in the ceiling, near each unit’s access panel so that they are serviceable. IR emitters were installed onto the A/C IR receivers in order to control the units.

Overall the client is delighted with his discreet and effective solution which complements his modern-looking house. The control system is responsive and was very easy to learn. Instead of being surrounded by remotes he can enjoy reliable control of his entertainment, lighting, blinds and A/C through one simple interface, from anywhere in his home.