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Electro-Voice XLVC system deployed at luxurious Lebanon hotel

Lebanon's newest hotspot, Veer, is situated north of Beruit beside Zouk Mikael beach. As well as underwater suites, the new complex features an Electro-Voice sound reinforcement system implemented by local integrators AMAC.

Underwater suites are one of the many features found in the luxurious boutique hotel and resort, Veer, located in Kaslik, Lebanon. Only recently opened, the beach-side complex incorporates an audio solution centred on the Electro-Voice XLVC system.

Finely furnished rooms as well as villas and apartments make up the new construction, meaning the audio solution demanded a high-end look and sound.

Local distribution partner for Electro-Voice AMAC was selected to complete the project. The eventual system had to satisfy the provision of quiet background music in addition to catering for DJ sets and even live concerts.

“Absolutely everyone fought for this project,” says AMAC’s sales manager Wissam Hayeck, who conducted the planning and installation. “But thanks to the technical maturity of our offer, the final decision was in our favour.”

After two weeks of onsite work, and with assistance from Electro-Voice’s Technical Support team, AMAC completed the installation in time for the official opening. The result is a PA system covering 70 x 50m in which there are several bars and swimming pools.

For the main sound reinforcement system, the AMAC team opted for two line arrays each comprising twelve Electro-Voice XLD281 elements. These are supplemented by six EV F1152 loudspeakers, which serve as back fills for the VIP aquarium pool and the restaurant, while 16 Xsub drive bass and low frequencies.

As monitors for DJs and bands playing live, four TX1152FM and two TX1122FM loudspeakers as well as three Q99 power amplifiers can be introduced at any time.

The entire audio system is driven by 16 Electro-Voice CP3000S and four CP4000S amplifiers, while a NetMax N8000 digital processor from Electro-Voice provides a user-friendly system. What’s more, thanks to an individually tailored IRIS-Net user interface, a variety of different audio parameters can be loaded and tweaked from a PC.

“The enthusiasm for the installation has been overwhelming,” comments Hayeck. “The system is versatile and the sound powerful and of first-class quality – everything, in fact, our customer, Hagop Tekeyan, had hoped for from the installation.” The new reference is creating quite a stir in the region, reports Hayeck, resulting in more installation commissions for AMAC.